“This time we also were privileged to have Kristen Young attend the birth as a doula. She is absolutely amazing! If anyone wants to have a doula I'd highly recommend her. She helped me in the days leading up to the birth to not be anxious and trust in the Lord. During the birth she had a wealth of information available to make things easier and it all went a bit smoother because of her. Seriously, if you're expecting or hope to be in the future you should keep her in mind!”

“Kristen has a very calm and nurturing spirit. I know any woman would love her support.”

I honestly do not know what I would have done without Kristen’s presence during my childbirth journey. I knew from the beginning that I wanted a doula present with me for all the types of support they can provide during labor and delivery. I also knew I wanted someone who loved Jesus and would be praying with me through the entire process. Before my due date, Kristen and I met and shared our hearts and talked through my birth plan. I made an idealistic birth plan, and though I knew I likely wouldn’t get everything on my list, I was thankful to have the pressure of making it all happen off of my chest and into Kristen’s capable hands. She was able to communicate with the staff about the things I did and didn’t want so that I could focus on the task at hand. My labor was long (30+) hours, and through it all she was there, walking the halls with me, gently reminding me and helping me move and change positions and do what I need to progress labor. She helped massage my back and did hip squeezes to help relieve my pain as much as possible. The truth is that she did so much for me and Nick during the entire journey, that I could never list it all out. She is kind, loving, prayerful, and nurturing, and I wouldn’t want to do childbirth without her. In every way possible, she went above and beyond, and when things couldn’t go exactly according to my detailed birth plan, she talked me through it and helped me find peace. It is evident to me that this is something she is called to do, and I’m thankful she followed her call to do this kind of ministry to moms (and spouses) as they bring babies into the world.